Why Now is the Right Time to Become a Pilot

Thinking of becoming a pilot? Now is the perfect time. The aviation industry is in the headlines. Pilots are in demand. The airlines are recovering from the pandemic and more pilots are needed than are available to fly. Flight training will lead you to a career that is essential and marketable. You will be able to make a difference right out of the gate. This post is the first in the ASA Learn to Fly blog’s “Becoming a Pilot” series designed to help point you in the right direction to begin your journey in aviation.

Finding the Right Option for You

If you choose to become a pilot, it’s important to do a little research. Flight instructors, airplanes, and curriculums vary widely, so take the time to find one that meets your specific needs. There is no “right way” to become a pilot, and multiple paths are available depending on your specific goals.

While becoming a pilot isn’t easy, finding the tools to learn is. The options available for learning are plentiful. Self-study ground schools, flight training videos, and cockpit tools are out there waiting for you to discover the right one for you. You will not need to struggle to learn, many resources are available to help (including the Learn to Fly blog). Just ask.

Stay In Control of Your Training

You should always work to be an active participant in your training. Even as a student in training you will also be considered a pilot in command, and you can start logging PIC time right from the beginning. So, practice playing that part. Don’t just learn passively, use the syllabus to gauge your own performance and have expectations for your flight instructor. It’s easy to defer to the experience of your instructor (who is also your co-pilot); instead, use their experience to your advantage by asking lots of questions and talking your way through the flight (describing what you’re doing). This way, your instructor does not need to guess your actions, and they can provide guidance on the fly. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you need it–this will get you in the habit of crew resource management, which is important even in single-pilot operations.

Is Aviation Your Future?

Pilots are in demand, and the right path for you to join the industry is waiting. Stay with us here on the ASA Learn to Fly blog, and we’ll help you along the way. Follow the “Becoming a Pilot” Series as we expand on the state of the industry and your place in it, the options available, finding the tools, where to ask questions, and, the big question, how much it will cost.

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