Learn to Fly 2: Why Fly?

Why fly? The following is an excerpt from You Can Fly! by Greg Brown and Laurel Lippert that explains why flying is such an amazing feeling:

Flying is humankind’s wildest dream fulfilled–soaring among the birds, playing tag with the clouds and gazing down upon the wonders of the earth. Pilots really do get to do those things, and it’s as good as it sounds. Adding to the richness is the way others look at pilots–with admiration and awe.

Can flying be practical? Of course. Flying often saves time over other forms of transportation and offers access to places not easily reached in other ways. Piloting can also make a wonderful career. But these practical benefits are not the main reasons most people initially become aviators. Rather, they are ways that pilots capitalize on the skills that bring them so much joy.

Flying light aircraft for pleasure and business may mean a trip to the Bahamas for snorkeling, or to Manitoba in wintertime to witness a total solar eclipse. Perhaps you’re thinking of a flight to the Outer Banks of North Carolina or to Mackinac Island at the Confluence of the Great Lakes.

Imagine soaring over the Grand Canyon at dawn and through Monument Valley at sunset, winging north to the Canadian Rockies and south to the Baja Peninsula. Or shaving hours off your holiday driving to visit relatives and friends while you overfly jammed freeways below. In fact, everything looks different from the air; it’s freedom you can feel and a perspective like no other.

You can purchase You Can Fly! on our website at ASA2Fly.com, which also contains even more resources for student pilots.

Have a safe journey!

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