For pilots, aviation students, and those who are thinking about learning to fly. Interact with some of aviation’s top flight instructors and authors from ASA.

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About us

The Learn to Fly Blog is a community gathering place for people interested in the subject of learning to fly aircraft. We are people who are either in training to be pilots, thinking seriously about the idea, or already flying and have wisdom to share. One thing is for sure… We all have a common love of flying and desire to share that passion with others.

Among our group of passionate aviators are ASA authors Greg Brown, Laurel Lippert, David Diamond and Paul Hamilton, each of which are expert aviators and writers on the subject of learning to fly. You’ll find details on their background in the Authors section of this Web site.

About ASA

ASA has been committed to being a leader and innovator in aviation supplies and publications since 1947. We continually strive to bring the very best to our customers. The ASA philosophy is to surround ourselves with the best authors, software developers, product managers, and editors the world of aviation has to offer, and incorporate their experience and wisdom into the top quality products we provide. You can always count on ASA to be at the forefront of technology to bring you the best materials available.

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