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A Low-Carb, High-Altitude Lunch

The difference between me right now and me one hour ago is significant: I’m no longer hungry, and I’m current to carry passengers. I didn’t plan to fly today, but the weather got the best of me. It’s midweek, so of course an airplane was available. Plus, my currency had lapsed and I need to […]

Why learn to fly airplanes?

Being a pilot and flying an airplane is a thrill, say most aviators. It’s no wonder. History tells us that people have been fascinated by flight for centuries, but it’s only been in the last 100 years that humans have been able to take flight in order to experience that thrill. Old films show us […]

Which aircraft are considered Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are defined by a set of governing regulations. Among the resulting LSA models, there are three styles that are prevalent: (1) Fixed wing, conventional style (airplanes), (2) Powered Parachutes, and (3) “Trikes” (a.k.a. weight-shift control, as the FAA calls them).

What is LSA or Light Sport Aircraft?

In 2004, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) became a new category the FAA created for aircraft that are simple, easy to fly and inexpensive to own and operate. To fly an LSA, you’ll need a Sport Pilot License, which is much easier to obtain than other more common pilot’s licenses. It does have some limitations, such […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 4)

With persistence and patience, you too can overcome challenges learning to fly. As I’ve shared over the last few days in my posts about Jeanne Peterson, Chevy Chevallard, and Phil Ferdolage, there is no ceiling age when you’re too old to learn to fly. Regardless of age, staying focused and committed (persistent) toward your goal […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 3)

Any healthy person can learn to fly. Even at age 57 and beyond. You just need persistence and patience. There’s no age limit to learning to fly, as you’ll continue to hear me say. A few days ago, I introduced you to Jeanne Peterson and her concern about perhaps being too old to earn her […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 2)

Is it worth learning to fly at an older age? Yes, even at 54, says this retired Air Force Lt Col. Feeling too old to learn to fly? Let’s change that feeling. Age is not a factor when determining if you can obtain your pilot’s license. Health and physical ability, yes…but not age. To help […]

Encouragement to fly, even after 49 or 50 years old

Learn to fly at any age with minimal prerequisites… Jeanne Peterson did so after 49 years old. Jeanne is a reader of my Flying Carpet column in Flight Training magazine. She boldly wondered what age was the ceiling that one could go about learning to fly. I explained anyone can, but that you need to […]

Choosing between newer and older planes

Learning to fly in a new plane or older one is the question of the day from Eric in Seattle, WA. Not only does he want help choosing based on the age of the aircraft, but also the driving distance to get his lessons. You see, the newer plane is a three-times longer drive for lessons than […]

The Love Flight That Wasn’t

Are you thinking about learning to fly because your spouse is a pilot? Or, maybe you dream about flying around the country with your husband or wife who also wants to learn to fly. Sharing the cockpit of a small airplane would be fun, right? Well, the truth is, like all joint efforts that require […]

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