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Be Unfaithful to Your CFI

Can two flight instructors teach you more than one? Learn from conflicting opinions and healthy debate to make yourself a better pilot. During the course of typical flight training, we spend lots of time with our flight instructors (CFI). They become trusted advisors, so when they tell us something, we tend to accept it. When […]

Which aircraft is right for me?

From the slow and simple (ultralight) to the complex and fast (jets), there is an airplane “pecking order” that affects your aviation adventure. Throughout my life, I have learned that there will always be airplanes that can fly higher, faster and farther relative to what I am flying at the time. Pick any plane. I’ll […]

Like Riding on a Flying Carpet

Reward for learning to fly is endless experiences of exhilaration Ninety minutes even in a single engine aircraft, you can find yourself in another world. On one particular day for me, it was magical! The whining of gyros gave way to mystical drums and rhythmic chanting, crazily mixing images of flight with those of ancient […]

Stuck somewhere? Might be your lucky day.

When you become a pilot, you join a helpful community. Being stranded at an airport somewhere gives you a chance to see just how supportive it can be. Finding yourself stranded somewhere might seem like the worst fate if you’re a pilot, but, more often than not, it turns out to be a pleasant surprise. […]

What is the process of learning to fly?

There are a number of different paths that you can take, but all of them usually include the same checklist of things.  To get started with this process, talk to a handful of pilots.  They can either be friends of yours, folks from a local aviation club, or pilots in a trusted online community.  Ask […]

Why learn to fly?

Flying can be for fun or practical purposes. Some people choose to make it a career. No matter the purpose, you’ll find it to be exhilerating and adventurous. ASA Authors have told some of their adventurous stories. Here is a list of those blog posts.

Announcing the Learn to Fly Blog from ASA

Welcome to the Learn to Fly Blog provided by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc). I’m Dan Johnson, sort of the “blogmaster” around here. If you are thinking of learning to fly or already working on your pilot’s license, this site is for you. We’ll cover a multitude of topics around the subject of learning […]

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