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CFI Brief: Airman Testing, February Test Roll

It’s the first “Test Roll” of 2016, a process where the FAA implements changes to the FAA Knowledge Exam and announces what’s new and upcoming in airman testing. ASA will incorporate this information in updates to our publications. Some of the more beneficial items to note with February’s Test Roll are outlined below. 1. The FAA […]

Aircraft Systems: Oil Systems

We’re staying warm this week, but we’ll be talking about ways to keep your engine cool. Today’s post is on your aircraft’s engine oil system. Look for follow up Ground School posts in the coming weeks about your engine’s cooling and exhaust systems. And be sure to check out what we’ve already covered in regards […]

Aerodynamics: Ground Effect

Thinking about your takeoff technique? Today we’ll consider the role of ground effect. Simply put, ground effect is the reaction of the airflow against the ground surface. Today’s post comes from our foundational flying textbook The Pilot’s Manual 1: Flight School. Here’s a basic overview: The cushioning of ground effect when the airplane is flying […]

CFI Brief: Effects of Weight on Performance

So over the last two weeks while away at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I may have overindulged a bit too much in deep fried cheese curds. This has unfortunately resulted in a slight weight increase around my waistline and has more than likely affected my athletic performance. Not to compare myself to an airplane, but […]

CFI Brief: W&B Simple Calculations

As a pilot you should always expect change. Change can often occur prior to your flight even beginning. I’ve been in situations before where I have completed my entire cross country flight plan and weight and balance only to find out another friend wants to come along for the ride. Before doing another entire weight and balance problem […]

Aerodynamics: Turns and Load Factors

We’re devoting this week to aerodynamics, specifically the load factors experienced in turns. There’s more to turning your airplane than smoothly coordinating your ailerons and rudder pressure. Understanding the role of lift and gravity in a turn will help you fly efficiently and within the limitations of your airplane. The following is excerpted from William […]

CFI Brief: Aerodynamics Answers and Explanations

I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to spend some time looking over Thursday’s questions, let’s see how you did. 1. When do the four forces that act on an airplane in equilibrium? A—During un-accelerated flight. B—When the aircraft is accelerating. C—When the aircraft is at rest on the ground. In […]

CFI Brief: Aircraft Axes and Rotation

In the previous week, the Learn to Fly Blog has covered the four forces in flight. To recap, these are lift, weight, thrust, and drag. These forces are key in aircraft aerodynamics and will become extremely important throughout your flight training, particularly when learning how to control the aircraft. In addition to these in-flight forces, […]

Aerodynamics: The Four Forces Part 2

This is the second part of this two part series on the four forces of flight, where we’ll introduce thrust and drag. You can find our intro to lift and weight here. William Kershner‘s The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual by will explain thrust and drag: Thrust Thrust is furnished by a propeller or jet. The […]

Aerodynamics: The Four Forces Part 1

The four forces of flight make up the fundamental concept of flight. Lift, weight, thrust, and drag are the very first concepts students learn in ground school. In this post, we’ll give you an introduction to the first two: Lift and Weight. The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual by William Kershner explains this well:   Lift […]

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