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CFI Brief: Knowledge Test Questions, Stalls & Spins

As the angle of attack is increased (to increase lift), air will no longer flow smoothly over the upper wing surface but instead will become turbulent or “burble” near the trailing edge. A further increase in the angle of attack will cause the turbulent area to expand forward. At an angle of attack of approximately […]

Navigation: Vector Analysis

Today, we’ll put together a few things we’ve learned on the Learn To Fly Blog to introduce a skill every beginning student should develop: thinking in terms of a wind triangle. Check out last week’s posts on magnetic variation and using your E6B Flight Computer to determine magnetic heading, as well as early posts on navigation. […]

The Love Flight That Wasn’t

Are you thinking about learning to fly because your spouse is a pilot? Or, maybe you dream about flying around the country with your husband or wife who also wants to learn to fly. Sharing the cockpit of a small airplane would be fun, right? Well, the truth is, like all joint efforts that require […]

Like Riding on a Flying Carpet

Reward for learning to fly is endless experiences of exhilaration Ninety minutes even in a single engine aircraft, you can find yourself in another world. On one particular day for me, it was magical! The whining of gyros gave way to mystical drums and rhythmic chanting, crazily mixing images of flight with those of ancient […]

Stuck somewhere? Might be your lucky day.

When you become a pilot, you join a helpful community. Being stranded at an airport somewhere gives you a chance to see just how supportive it can be. Finding yourself stranded somewhere might seem like the worst fate if you’re a pilot, but, more often than not, it turns out to be a pleasant surprise. […]

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