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CFI Brief: Part 107 sUAS Operating Limitations

If you plan on operating an sUAS under 14 CFR Part 107, make sure you fully understand your operating limitations. Operating Limitations The sUAS must be operated in accordance with the following limitations: • Cannot be flown faster than a ground speed of 87 knots (100 miles per hour). • Cannot be flown higher than […]

CFI Brief: sUAS Operations and Airspace

Airspace is a significantly important element to sUAS (drone) operations and as the remote pilot-in-command (Remote PIC) it will be your sole responsibility to understand the regulations surrounding airspace operations. In addition to understanding the regulations you will be required to understand the types and classifications of airspace and will need to be able to […]

sUAS: Operating a Drone in Controlled Airspace

Local news in our area is reporting this morning of increased sightings of drones near SeaTac and PDX approaches. Incidents in the Pacific Northwest include a near-midair collision with a National Guard A-10 fighter based at Boise’s airport and a number of airline pilot reports of drone operations in the vicinity of airport operations including a “saucer-shaped […]

CFI Brief: sUAS (drone) Accident Reporting

Ever wonder what you should do if you crash your small unmanned aircraft (drone)? Well the specifics are outlined for you in 14 CFR §107.9 which we will break down below (no pun intended). Accident Reporting The remote PIC must report any sUAS accident to the FAA, within 10 days of the operation, if any […]

CFI Brief: 300+ Drones (sUAS)!

If you watched the Super Bowl over the weekend you may have noticed the more than 300 drones during the halftime show. Yes those were really drones in the sky, however they were not actually flying during the halftime show. The entire drone sequence was filmed earlier in the week because of FAA flight-over-people restrictions […]

CFI Brief: Who got a drone for Christmas?

Did you get a drone for Christmas? Does it weight over 0.55 lbs? If so, you better register your drone ASAP or you can be subject to civil and criminal penalties! To begin the drone registration process follow the link or click on the image below, it’s quick and easy:    The next question you […]

CFI Brief: Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam, Inside Scoop!

I took the new Remote Pilot knowledge test this week and scored a 95%! While proud of my score, my strength isn’t in my genius but rather my ability to develop and execute a plan: I studied properly and used all the recommended materials to achieve the highest possible grade I could. So here’s the […]

CFI Brief: Remote Pilot Privileges

So who’s planning on taking the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test next week? It becomes available August 29. I know I am! Don’t worry, I am well aware I don’t “need” to since I already hold a pilot certificate issued under Part 61, but I figured it would be a great opportunity and good learning experience […]

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