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CFI Brief: Confidence on the Radios

Let me quote §61.103(b), “Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language…”. This here is one of the eligibility requirements for Private Pilots and every other Pilot Certificate for that matter. Throughout training, however, it seems as if we are learning an entirely new language consisting of proper ATC phraseology and technique […]

Communication Procedures: Airport Traffic Area Communications and Light Signals

Things can happen, and part of being a good aviator is competently handling adverse situations when they arise. It is possible that a pilot might experience a malfunction of the radio. This might cause the transmitter, receiver, or both to become inoperative. Here’s how to handle landing at a towered airport in this scenario, as […]

Communication Procedures: Phraseology, Techniques, and Procedures

Effective communication is absolutely critical to your safety and the safety of those in the air around you and on the ground. There’s a well established phraseology and accepted techniques in aviation, so mastering this will be key in your flight training. Take a look at the introduction to radio communications, excerpted from Bob Gardner’s […]

CFI Brief: Communications

Communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is crucial to the safe efficient flow of air traffic in the national airspace system. The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) points out that the single most important thing in pilot-controller communication is understanding. It is important when speaking on the radios to not only be clear and concise […]

Communication Procedures: An Introduction

It can take some time to get the hang of radio communications as a new pilot. However, according to Bob Gardner in his book The Complete Private Pilot, familiarization is key to developing a knack for radio procedures early on. You will learn a lot just by listening on aircraft frequencies to hear how other […]

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