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CFI Brief: Favorite Aviation Videos from 2015

Happy New Year! I think we’ve accomplished enough learning for the year right? Let’s take a break on the last day of 2015 and check out some cool videos from the last 12 months in aviation. First up, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner practicing for the Paris Airshow. The life of a corporate pilot, non-stop adrenaline […]

Editor’s Picks: Stocking Stuffers

Need a stocking stuffer or a last minute gift idea for that pilot in your life? We’ve got you covered! These are some of our favorite things: Flight Notes This set of 3, 48-page notebooks is the perfect pocket reference for any pilot. Each notebook contains quick reference aviation facts including lists, tables, and graphs […]

CFI Brief: Procedural Compliance

Procedural compliance is defined as following the appropriate procedure at the appropriate time. It has become a hot button issue as of late due to the increased number of accidents resulting from a lack of procedural compliance in the cockpit. The NTSB has recently released a video highlighting the importance of procedural compliance. It’s informative […]

Editor’s Picks: Holiday Favorites

Today I’d like to recommend three great holiday gifts for pilot’s. Along with covering everything an aviation professional or aspiring aviator needs for their advancement, ASA has a large aviator’s library of books by pilots for pilots ranging from history, to best practices, to personal accounts. Making Perfect Takeoffs & Landings  by Ron Fowler Making Perfect […]

Navigation: VFR Waypoints

We’ve covered a lot of navigation topics so far, but this week we’ll be reviewing VFR waypoints. VFR waypoints provide VFR pilots with a supplementary tool to assist with position awareness while navigating visually in aircraft equipped with area navigation receivers. VFR waypoints should be used as a tool to supplement current navigation procedures. The […]

CFI Brief: Ground Effect, Pop Quiz!

I sure hope you read Monday’s post on ground effect because today I’m throwing a pop quiz at you! Remember that ground effect occurs when flying within one wingspan or less above the surface. The airflow around the wing and wing tip is modified and the resulting pattern reduces the downwash which reduces the induced […]

CFI Brief: Traffic Alerts

Cessna 1 – 2 – Alpha – Sierra – Alpha traffic 1 o’clock in three miles same altitude southbound. What, traffic? I’m pretty sure traffic doesn’t start till like 5 o’clock—3 mile backup, maybe there’s an accident? Well there’s no accident, but there’s a good chance there will be if you have no idea what […]

CFI Brief: Gyroscopic Flight Instrument Questions

Monday’s post gave us an introduction into the world of gyroscopic flight instruments and as we learned these include the attitude indicator, turn coordinator, and heading indicator also referred to as the directional gyro. Each one of these gyroscopic flight instruments functions based off the principle of rigidity in space. To put it more simply […]

CFI Brief: Enroute questions using the E6B Flight Computer

This week we are going to look at a few questions as they relate to enroute flight, specifically questions that require the use of an E6B. Enroute flight is a popular topic on the FAA knowledge exam and these questions may be very similar to the ones you encounter on your knowledge test. The first […]

Flight Instruments: The Altimeter and Altitudes

Today we’re taking another look at flight instruments, specifically the altimeter. Understanding the instrument and altitudes is critical in learning to fly. This post comes from on of our favorite textbooks, Bob Gardner‘s The Complete Private Pilot. Aircraft altimeters are aneroid (dry) barometers calibrated to read in feet above sea level. The altimeter gets its […]

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