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CFI Brief: In with the NEW and out with the OLD…

Yes, Yes, Yes, exciting times and change are right around the corner in Airman Testing! I am sure that by now many of you are well aware that the implementation of the Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for both Private and Instrument Pilot Airplane will be happening in just a few weeks. I know, this may […]

What is the process of learning to fly?

There are a number of different paths that you can take, but all of them usually include the same checklist of things.  To get started with this process, talk to a handful of pilots.  They can either be friends of yours, folks from a local aviation club, or pilots in a trusted online community.  Ask […]

Why learn to fly?

Flying can be for fun or practical purposes. Some people choose to make it a career. No matter the purpose, you’ll find it to be exhilerating and adventurous. ASA Authors have told some of their adventurous stories. Here is a list of those blog posts.

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