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Category Archives: Paul Hamilton

On Vacation this Summer: Great places to get into the pilot’s seat!

Kauai, Hawaii… what a great way to get to see a new place from a gorgeous perspective! And if you’re already a flight student, a wonderful way to build hours and try a new aircraft, as well.

(Video) Why fly Light Sport Aircraft?

If you’re tight for time and prefer moving pictures over reading text, I’ve produced a quick video to give you a better answer to why you should consider learning to fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It’ll take about a minute to run. About Paul Paul Hamilton is recognized as an expert in the Light Sport […]

Maintenance and inspections for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

FAA regulations for the maintenance and inspection of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are specific about the frequency of inspections and who may perform their maintenance. Conventional, standard category LSA, such as a Piper J-3 Cub, are maintained the same way as their standard category brothers, such as a Cessna 172. There is no change to […]

Choosing the right Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for Yourself

What factors should you consider before buying or learning how to fly a Light Sport Aircraft? Lifestyle. Imagine living your dream. What lifestyle do you want to create for yourself? With so many types of aircraft, you can to choose what you want, what’s best for you.  

Where can I fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) can fly into the same airspace and airports as standard category, general aviation (GA) aircraft. In addition, LSA can operate in many places that standard category (non-LSA) cannot. LSA’s higher performance and slower speeds allow them to fly into smaller fields with shorter takeoff and landing areas. The higher power-to-weight ratio […]

Why fly a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), including the fixed wing, conventional airplane style, are some of the most fun and simplest you can fly. Even though you can find faster flying airplanes elsewhere, there are significant reasons you would choose LSA over those others. Even within LSA, there is a wide range of aircraft that fit diverse […]

Which aircraft are considered Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are defined by a set of governing regulations. Among the resulting LSA models, there are three styles that are prevalent: (1) Fixed wing, conventional style (airplanes), (2) Powered Parachutes, and (3) “Trikes” (a.k.a. weight-shift control, as the FAA calls them).

What is LSA or Light Sport Aircraft?

In 2004, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) became a new category the FAA created for aircraft that are simple, easy to fly and inexpensive to own and operate. To fly an LSA, you’ll need a Sport Pilot License, which is much easier to obtain than other more common pilot’s licenses. It does have some limitations, such […]

Which aircraft is right for me?

From the slow and simple (ultralight) to the complex and fast (jets), there is an airplane “pecking order” that affects your aviation adventure. Throughout my life, I have learned that there will always be airplanes that can fly higher, faster and farther relative to what I am flying at the time. Pick any plane. I’ll […]

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