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Category Archives: Greg Brown

Birthday Flowers

When celebrating birthdays with zeros in them, flowers alone won’t do it. So when Jean marked a new decade last March I sought a worthy weekend getaway. With most places still wintry, it made little sense leaving balmy Phoenix for somewhere frigid. But then I remembered our wish-list destination of Death Valley, California, tolerable only […]

Aerial Road Trip to Oshkosh

Crowds. Craziness. Music. It’s enough to justify a road trip. I’m not talking Woodstock here, but AirVenture, that surprisingly similar event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. AirVenture’s tunes come not from wailing guitars but from airplane engines — vying like Stratocasters for the crowd’s approval are roaring radials and screaming Merlins. Like Woodstock, there’s a crowd of […]

Festival Flying

“Hey, Dan, check out that ’39 Chevy. It’s just like the one I owned in high school – even the same color!” Dan drives a tricked out Camaro, so I doubt he appreciated the old car’s beauty as I did. Then again, my view was burnished by memories. As we crossed the road to see […]

Skimming Blue Waters

Flying is fun. Here’s the entertaining story of my training and checkride for my seaplane rating. On every flight, even training experiences like these, you have the potential for experiencing exhilaration, awe and laughter. “Need help?” yelled the guy in the tour boat. “No thanks,” I replied, not daring to turn my head too far, […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 4)

With persistence and patience, you too can overcome challenges learning to fly. As I’ve shared over the last few days in my posts about Jeanne Peterson, Chevy Chevallard, and Phil Ferdolage, there is no ceiling age when you’re too old to learn to fly. Regardless of age, staying focused and committed (persistent) toward your goal […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 3)

Any healthy person can learn to fly. Even at age 57 and beyond. You just need persistence and patience. There’s no age limit to learning to fly, as you’ll continue to hear me say. A few days ago, I introduced you to Jeanne Peterson and her concern about perhaps being too old to earn her […]

Encouraged to fly, even after 49 years old (Part 2)

Is it worth learning to fly at an older age? Yes, even at 54, says this retired Air Force Lt Col. Feeling too old to learn to fly? Let’s change that feeling. Age is not a factor when determining if you can obtain your pilot’s license. Health and physical ability, yes…but not age. To help […]

Encouragement to fly, even after 49 or 50 years old

Learn to fly at any age with minimal prerequisites… Jeanne Peterson did so after 49 years old. Jeanne is a reader of my Flying Carpet column in Flight Training magazine. She boldly wondered what age was the ceiling that one could go about learning to fly. I explained anyone can, but that you need to […]

Like Riding on a Flying Carpet

Reward for learning to fly is endless experiences of exhilaration Ninety minutes even in a single engine aircraft, you can find yourself in another world. On one particular day for me, it was magical! The whining of gyros gave way to mystical drums and rhythmic chanting, crazily mixing images of flight with those of ancient […]

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