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Category Archives: David Diamond

Choosing Your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Unlike your parents, you get to choose your flight instructor. So take advantage of this precious opportunity now. (And avoid therapy later.) Have you started your flight training yet? If not, why? Still looking for that perfect CFI? It’s not uncommon for prospective student pilots to delay flight training months or even years, waiting for […]

Stop Doing What You Do So Well!

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to flying practice? Maybe that’s not such a good thing. Anyone who’s seen the inside of a gym can tell you: those with toned arms always have a weight in their hands, and those with killer legs are always squatting, extending, pressing, etc. And, it makes […]

No One Will Teach You To Be A Safe Pilot

Do you think flight training is about choosing a flight instructor and then sitting back while knowledge is stuffed into your head? If so, let’s clear out that head of yours right now. In my book Flight Training: Taking the Short Approach, I suggest how to go about choosing a flight school, certified flight instructor […]

A Low-Carb, High-Altitude Lunch

The difference between me right now and me one hour ago is significant: I’m no longer hungry, and I’m current to carry passengers. I didn’t plan to fly today, but the weather got the best of me. It’s midweek, so of course an airplane was available. Plus, my currency had lapsed and I need to […]

Be Unfaithful to Your CFI

Can two flight instructors teach you more than one? Learn from conflicting opinions and healthy debate to make yourself a better pilot. During the course of typical flight training, we spend lots of time with our flight instructors (CFI). They become trusted advisors, so when they tell us something, we tend to accept it. When […]

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