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Birthday Flowers

When celebrating birthdays with zeros in them, flowers alone won’t do it. So when Jean marked a new decade last March I sought a worthy weekend getaway. With most places still wintry, it made little sense leaving balmy Phoenix for somewhere frigid. But then I remembered our wish-list destination of Death Valley, California, tolerable only […]

Aerial Road Trip to Oshkosh

Crowds. Craziness. Music. It’s enough to justify a road trip. I’m not talking Woodstock here, but AirVenture, that surprisingly similar event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. AirVenture’s tunes come not from wailing guitars but from airplane engines — vying like Stratocasters for the crowd’s approval are roaring radials and screaming Merlins. Like Woodstock, there’s a crowd of […]

On Vacation this Summer: Great places to get into the pilot’s seat!

Kauai, Hawaii… what a great way to get to see a new place from a gorgeous perspective! And if you’re already a flight student, a wonderful way to build hours and try a new aircraft, as well.

Choosing Your Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

Unlike your parents, you get to choose your flight instructor. So take advantage of this precious opportunity now. (And avoid therapy later.) Have you started your flight training yet? If not, why? Still looking for that perfect CFI? It’s not uncommon for prospective student pilots to delay flight training months or even years, waiting for […]

Festival Flying

“Hey, Dan, check out that ’39 Chevy. It’s just like the one I owned in high school – even the same color!” Dan drives a tricked out Camaro, so I doubt he appreciated the old car’s beauty as I did. Then again, my view was burnished by memories. As we crossed the road to see […]

Upside Down and Out

I thought I was doing fine flying loops and rolls, even a hammerhead, in the brand-new Pitts S2C with only 36 hours on the tachometer. A half-hour earlier, Sean D. Tucker (yes, world-famous airshow performer Sean D. Tucker) had said jokingly, “Now don’t lose your lunch in my new airplane, Laurel.” But, the flat spin […]

Stop Doing What You Do So Well!

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to flying practice? Maybe that’s not such a good thing. Anyone who’s seen the inside of a gym can tell you: those with toned arms always have a weight in their hands, and those with killer legs are always squatting, extending, pressing, etc. And, it makes […]

(Video) Why fly Light Sport Aircraft?

If you’re tight for time and prefer moving pictures over reading text, I’ve produced a quick video to give you a better answer to why you should consider learning to fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It’ll take about a minute to run. About Paul Paul Hamilton is recognized as an expert in the Light Sport […]

Maintenance and inspections for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

FAA regulations for the maintenance and inspection of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) are specific about the frequency of inspections and who may perform their maintenance. Conventional, standard category LSA, such as a Piper J-3 Cub, are maintained the same way as their standard category brothers, such as a Cessna 172. There is no change to […]

Choosing the right Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for Yourself

What factors should you consider before buying or learning how to fly a Light Sport Aircraft? Lifestyle. Imagine living your dream. What lifestyle do you want to create for yourself? With so many types of aircraft, you can to choose what you want, what’s best for you.  

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