For pilots, aviation students, and those who are thinking about learning to fly. Interact with some of aviation’s top flight instructors and authors from ASA.

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David Diamond

David Diamond is a writer and 3D illustrator focusing on aviation. He brings his raw and honest viewpoint to the Learn to Fly Blog as one who was challenged and frustrated by the training materials he used during his own flight training. David’s perspective is down to earth and easy for student pilots (and new pilots) to relate to.
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Greg Brown

An award winning flight instructor, pilot, author and columnist, Greg Brown is one of the nation’s leading aviation experts. His trademark book Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane has received praise from authors and aviators alike.
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Laurel Lippert

Pilot, flight instructor (CFI), writer, editor and columnist, Laurel Lippert is the consummate aviation cheerleader, which is evident in her recent book, You Can Fly!, coauthored with Greg Brown. You Can Fly! is a colorful and inspiring guidebook to understanding and appreciating the process of learning to fly.
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Paul Hamilton

Pilot, flight instructor, aviation engineer, consultant, writer, video producer and business owner Paul Hamilton is one of aviation’s premier Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) experts. He is one of the first people in the world to receive flight instructor and examiner credentials in the Sport Pilot category.
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Rico Sharqawi

Executive Producer - A Pilot's Story. .
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