Dan Johnson

For over ten years, Dan Johnson has been a communicator in various capacities. Today, he serves ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics) as the Sr. Communication Specialist with a focus on communication with the aviation community, such as the Learn to Fly Blog and outreach programs.

Prior to ASA, Dan has worked in the financial, technology and broadcasting industries doing project management, editing/writing, production, marketing and sales. He is passionate about helping people and empowering communities through communications.

Like others who come to the Learn to Fly Blog, Dan is learning to fly and will share his observations and relevant things of interest from around the web and aviation.

Why learn to fly airplanes?

Being a pilot and flying an airplane is a thrill, say most aviators. It’s no wonder. History tells us that people have been fascinated by flight for centuries, but it’s only been in the last 100 years that humans have been able to take flight in order to experience that thrill. Old films show us what some people were willing to go through to empower human flight.

Today, pilots fly for many reasons. Here are a number of them from aviators in the U.S. answering the question, “Why learn to fly?” Read More »

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Choosing between newer and older planes

Learning to fly in a new plane or older one is the question of the day from Eric in Seattle, WA. Not only does he want help choosing based on the age of the aircraft, but also the driving distance to get his lessons. You see, the newer plane is a three-times longer drive for lessons than the older one. I asked our featured authors for their opinions. Read More »

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Announcing the Learn to Fly Blog from ASA

Welcome to the Learn to Fly Blog provided by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc).

I’m Dan Johnson, sort of the “blogmaster” around here. If you are thinking of learning to fly or already working on your pilot’s license, this site is for you. We’ll cover a multitude of topics around the subject of learning to fly, including … Read More »

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