Regulations: Supplemental Oxygen

We’re talking regulations this week. Take a look at what we’ve covered so far. Today, we’ll go over the rules regarding supplemental oxygen under 14 CFR Part 91 with an excerpt from The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School (PM-2C), which has a useful chart to clarify the regulation.

Crew oxygen requirements for operations under Part 91 Regulations:

  • crew members are not required to use oxygen up to a cabin pressure altitude of 12,500 feet MSL;
  • at cabin pressure altitudes above 12,500 feet up to and including 14,000 feet, the required minimum flight crew may fly without supplemental oxygen for up to 30 minutes. Supplemental oxygen must be provided and used for at least the time in excess of 30 minutes at these cabin pressure altitudes; and
  • at cabin pressure altitudes above 14,000 feet, the required minimum flight crew must be provided with and use supplemental oxygen during the entire time at those cabin altitudes.

For passenger oxygen requirements, at cabin pressure altitudes above 15,000 feet, each occupant (flight crew and passengers) must be provided with supplemental oxygen.

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