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Weather: Adverse Wind

Adverse wind is a category of hazardous weather that is responsible for many weather-related accidents. Adverse winds include: crosswinds, gusts, tailwind, variable wind, and a sudden wind shift. Takeoff and landing are the most critical periods of any flight and are most susceptible to the effects of adverse wind. The most at-risk group is general […]

Happy Thanksgiving from ASA! ASA will be closed for the holiday on Thursday and Friday. The Learn to Fly Blog will be back with a new post on Monday.

Procedures and Airport Operations: The Round Out (Flare)

Today’s post is excerpted from the brand-new edition of the Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3B) available now in print, PDF eBook, and eBundle from ASA as well as a combo pack with new edition of the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (FAA-H-8083-25B). The round out is a slow, smooth transition from a normal approach attitude to […]

CFI Brief: Magnetic Compass

The magnetic compass is the most basic of all instruments you will find installed in your aircraft and is required under both Visual and Instrument Flight Rules (VFR and IFR). The function and purpose of a magnetic compass installed in an aircraft is no different then one you might use on a weekend hike with […]

Flight Instruments: The Heading Indicator and Magnetic Compass

Today’s post on flight instruments is an excerpt from the new fourth edition of The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School (PM-2C). The magnetic compass is the primary indicator of direction in most airplanes. It is, however, difficult to read in turbulence and subject to acceleration and turning errors, making it a difficult instrument to fly by […]

CFI Brief: Cold Weather Operations

We are well into fall and winter seems to be fast approaching, I am ever reminded by all the holiday décor already up around town. For the majority of us, baring you lucky few down south, we will notice drops in temperature and for many areas across the United States temperatures can drop well below […]

Aircraft Performance: Air Density

Takeoff and landing are perhaps two of the most labor intensive tasks involved in piloting an airplane, and they start long before the wheels leave the ground. Takeoffs involve much more than smooth piloting skills; they involve careful planning and preparation. A very smooth takeoff is of little value if the airplane, once airborne, is […]

CFI Brief: Speed Limits

I don’t know why I am even going to tempt Murphy’s Law, but I haven’t had a speeding ticket in many years. Of course now that I put it out there I can probably expect to get one on the way home this evening. The reason I even mention it (which I’m already regretting) is […]

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