Monthly Archives: July 2016

CFI Brief: LIVE from Oshkosh!

Things are in full swing here at EAA Airventure 2016! It’s been a great first couple of days, crowds have been amazing, and the weather seems to be holding out. Be sure to swing by the ASA booth in Hanger B and check out some of our latest products, including hot off the printing press […]

Editor’s Picks: Summer Reading

Looking to up your skills or just relax with a book at your campsite at EAA AirVenture? Today we’ll share a few summer reading suggestions for the aviator. And speaking of AirVenture, be sure to come visit us this week in Hangar B, Aisle D! Logging Flight Time by William K. Kershner A fantastic collection of […]

CFI Brief: Flying into EAA AirVenture 2016?

Flying to EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this year? Well if so you will be just one of the more than 10,000 landings that will take place at Whitman Regional Airport over the week. Insane yes, but don’t let that high number deter you from flying in, it’s almost a rite of passage and will […]

Regulations: Accident Reporting

You’ve planned for every outcome but what do you do when the unexpected happens? Here’s what Bob Gardner says in The Complete Private Pilot. National Transportation Safety Board Regulations, Part 830: These regulations govern accidents and accident reporting. They are not Federal Aviation Administration regulations, but need discussion as they lay out the rules for […]

CFI Brief: Status on Third-Class Medical Reform

Good news: the FAA will not be shutting down on July 15th! Say what?  That’s right the current FAA extension act was set to expire on July 15th. Lucky for us, and pretty much anyone who travels by air, the House,after much back and forth between senate, passed the “FAA Extension, Safety, and Security Act […]

IFR: Instrument Scanning

This week we’re back with more on IFR. Go back and familiarize yourself with the basics we’ve introduced in earlier introductory posts from this year. Today, we’ll look at instrument scanning techniques. This post features text and images from The Pilot’s Manual Volume 3: Instrument Flying. In instrument conditions, when the natural horizon cannot be […]

CFI Brief: Packing your first flight bag!

Hot off the press, July/August issue of FAA Safety Briefing! This summer’s issue contains some great content specifically for the student pilot and airman-in-training. It’s the third part in a string of Student Pilot Guides that will provide the reader with tips and resources for success in initial pilot certification. I enjoyed reading this article […]

Aerodynamics: Propeller Basics

Back to basics today on the Learn to Fly Blog: your propeller. The aircraft propeller consists of two or more blades and a central hub to which the blades are attached. Each blade of an aircraft propeller is essentially a rotating wing, and thus the blades act like airfoils producing thrust. Today’s post comes from […]

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