CFI Brief: Flight Safety in the Drone Age (FSDA)

Drones, yes drones. A very common term you hear these days, they just seem to be everywhere (LITERALLY)! As a matter of fact there are actually more registered drone operators then there are aircraft pilots. This is pretty astonishing, particularly when you put into perspective just how new of a concept drone use is to the general public.

What many drone operators fail to understand is the safety risks associated sharing airspace with an existing community of manned aircraft. The FAA is working feverishly to educate the public on drone safety but it is also important to educate yourself as an aircraft pilot on these new challenges within the national airspace system. The most obvious concern is that of a midair collision between a manned aircraft and drone, the likelihood of which is ever increasing as drone flight becomes more commonplace.

On June 1st, the Aviators Model Code of Conduct (AMCC) Initiative released its latest product, Flight Safety in the Drone Age (FSDA).

“FSDA offers voluntary guidance to advance the safety of flight when operating near unmanned aircraft, or drones.” –AMCC Initiative


You can view the FSDA Guidance document by clicking on the image above. The AMCC Initiative considers the FSDA to be a living guidance document that will be updated as needed. It is organized into 5 sections in alignment with the phases of flight (General Education and Preparation, Preflight Operations, In-flight Operations, Post-flight Operations, and Aviation Community). Also available are an FSDA Safety Awareness Poster and technical paper, Managing Risks in the Presence of Unmanned Aircraft. This is excellent information for you to get acquainted with your new airspace neighbors. For additional file formats of this information visit

And to wrap up today’s post I’ll leave you with this classic, sure to be stuck in your head the rest of the day!

Highway to the danger drone zone!

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