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CFI Brief: Pilot’s Role in Collision Avoidance

With all the talk this week on instrument flying and scanning techniques I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you to get your head out of the cockpit. See and Avoid! Did you know that the See and Avoid concept is an actual regulation outlined in CFR 91.113? Don’t believe me check it out. […]

IFR: Attitude Flying and Applied Instrument Flying

This week we’re back on the topic of IFR flight. If you’ve missed our previous posts touching on IFR, check out these posts: Regulations: “Minimum” IFR Training IFR: Flight at Mid-Level Altitudes CFI Brief: An Introduction to the Instrument Rating CFI Brief: IFR ATC Clearances We’ve also written extensively on the flight instruments themselves too, […]

CFI Brief: It’s sunny and 80°F, why do I need a weather brief?

I did the majority of my flight training in San Diego, CA. Yes, lucky me. Not only did I get to fly in such a beautiful area but I always had a killer tan. After my first week of ground school, my instructor had me get my first over-the-phone weather briefing. That day in class […]

Regulations: 14 CFR 91.13 and 91.15

Today we have more regulations that every pilot needs to know. Bob Gardner provides an excellent list of summarized federal regulations for student pilots in his textbook The Complete Private Pilot. If you’re looking for the compendium of aviation regulations, check out our annually-relased FAR/AIM. These summaries are taken from the latest edition of The Complete Private […]

CFI Brief: Parasite and Induced Drag

Monday’s post touched on the topic of aerodynamics, specifically drag. As you can imagine, drag is an extremely crucial part of flying and also one of the four forces acting on an aircraft in flight (Thrust, Drag, Weight, Lift). Today I want to briefly cover and test your knowledge on the two types of drag: […]

Aerodynamics: Drag

This week on the Learn to Fly Blog we’re talking about drag. One of the four forces of flight, drag opposes thrust and at rearward parallel to the relative wind. We’ll get more into the practical application of your understanding of drag on Thursday with our CFI, but today we will define the two types […]

CFI Brief: Heading to a Fly-In this year?

This week kicks off airshow and fly-in season with SUN ‘n FUN International Fly-In and Expo being held in Lakeland, FL. The event began on Tuesday and will conclude on Sunday with the mass exodus of hundreds of general-aviation aircraft. In advance of this year’s fly-in season the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a […]

The Top 10 Mistakes Students Make on Their Practical Test

Today we’re pleased to feature a guest post from CFI and DPE Jason Blair. Check out his previous contributions to the LTFB here. He writes his own blog at As an examiner who gives a significant number of practical tests every year, I see some of the same errors over and over. Being prepared […]

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