CFI Brief: Santa One

Attention to all pilots who will be flying on Christmas Eve (December 24th). ASA recommends that you remain extra vigilant and on the lookout for Santa Claus and his nine-reindeer-powered sleigh (call sign: Santa One) as they make their round-the-world multi-stop mission. The sleigh is easily identifiable by a single red navigation light fixed upon the lead reindeer. As curious as you may be, remember to keep your visual separation from Santa One as any traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) Resolution Advisory aboard Santa One could cause undue delays to his delivery schedule. Yes, Santa One was outfitted by the FAA with full NEXTGEN and ADS-B capabilities back in 2010.


Red navigation light fixed upon lead reindeer.

Santa One as always will be receiving priority handling from air traffic control on a discrete frequency. In the spirit of the holidays, it would be a kind gesture to give way if you should come in visual contact.

For the last 60 years the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa One’s location on Christmas Eve. It is advisable prior to any flight that evening you check Santa One’s location by following the link below along with any possible NOTAMs, although no NOTAMs directly related to Santa One are expected. Safe Flying!

Click above to Track Santa One


On behalf of ASA, have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.

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