CFI Brief: Procedural Compliance

Procedural compliance is defined as following the appropriate procedure at the appropriate time. It has become a hot button issue as of late due to the increased number of accidents resulting from a lack of procedural compliance in the cockpit. The NTSB has recently released a video highlighting the importance of procedural compliance. It’s informative and well worth you time to watch whether you’re a student pilot or 10,000-hour airline pilot.

It’s important as a pilot to learn early and build upon the mentality of maintaining proper procedures and protocols. Things like the proper use of a checklist, conducting stabilized approaches, and maintaining a sterilized cockpit during critical phases of flight. The video you are about to watch will highlight what can happen when deviations are made from those standard operating procedures using specific aircraft accidents as examples:

Link to NTSB Factsheet on Procedural Compliance

You may also want to check out A Pilot’s Accident Review by John Lowery, one of the books highlighted in Monday’s post’s.

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