Monthly Archives: November 2015

CFI Brief: Bird Strikes

I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason I feel today would be a great day to discuss bird strikes. A bird strike is a potentially serious safety of flight event and has the ability to cause substantial damage to an aircraft big or small. There have been over 142,000 reported bird […]

Regulations: Recent Flight Experience

One regulation you need to be aware of as a new pilot is 14 CFR §61.57, “Recent Flight Experience – Pilot in command”. Here’s how Bob Gardner summarizes this regulation in The Complete Private Pilot: 14 CFR 61.57 Recent flight experience: Pilot-in-command. You may not carry passengers unless you have current experience, and that means […]

CFI Brief: Checking the accuracy of your VOR

14 CFR 91.171, “VOR Equipment check for IFR Operations”—a friendly reminder on this week’s Learn to Fly Blog to check the accuracy of your VOR equipment per §91.171! Sometimes in the excitement of getting wheels up and on to your destination a VOR accuracy check can often be overlooked. Even if you plan on operating on […]

Navigation: VFR Waypoints

We’ve covered a lot of navigation topics so far, but this week we’ll be reviewing VFR waypoints. VFR waypoints provide VFR pilots with a supplementary tool to assist with position awareness while navigating visually in aircraft equipped with area navigation receivers. VFR waypoints should be used as a tool to supplement current navigation procedures. The […]

CFI Brief: Icing Systems

Temperatures have started dropping up here in the Northwest and the leaves have all but fallen off the trees. With the official start to winter a little more than a month away, what better time than to have a quick Brief on ice, particularly those systems which prevent us from falling to earth looking like […]

Aircraft Systems: Oil Systems

We’re staying warm this week, but we’ll be talking about ways to keep your engine cool. Today’s post is on your aircraft’s engine oil system. Look for follow up Ground School posts in the coming weeks about your engine’s cooling and exhaust systems. And be sure to check out what we’ve already covered in regards […]

CFI Brief: Ground Effect, Pop Quiz!

I sure hope you read Monday’s post on ground effect because today I’m throwing a pop quiz at you! Remember that ground effect occurs when flying within one wingspan or less above the surface. The airflow around the wing and wing tip is modified and the resulting pattern reduces the downwash which reduces the induced […]

Aerodynamics: Ground Effect

Thinking about your takeoff technique? Today we’ll consider the role of ground effect. Simply put, ground effect is the reaction of the airflow against the ground surface. Today’s post comes from our foundational flying textbook The Pilot’s Manual 1: Flight School. Here’s a basic overview: The cushioning of ground effect when the airplane is flying […]

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