CFI Brief: Logging Instrument Approaches

Federal Aviation Regulations and rules can get confusing, particularly those pertaining to instrument flight rules (IFR). One in particular I always found confusing, and at times up to interpretation, deals with when a pilot may log an IAP. As you know, logging instrument approaches is an important aspect in abiding by 14 CFR 61.57(c) which requires a pilot to log a minimum 6 IAP’s every 6 months to maintain IFR currency. To help clarify those conditions under which a pilot may log an IAP, the FAA has issued an Information for Operators (InFo 15012) on September 8th 2015.

InFo_15012 Logo

InFo 15012: Logging IAP

Whether you are already an instrument rated pilot or are in training to become one, I recommend you take some time to read through both 61.57(c) and the above InFo. Then, test your new insight and knowledge by answering the three questions below.

1. What minimum conditions are necessary for the instrument approaches required for IFR currency?
A—The approaches may be made in an aircraft, flight simulator, or flight training device.
B—At least three approaches must be made in the same category of aircraft to be flown.
C—At least three approaches must be made in the same category and class of aircraft to be flown.

2. Enroute weather conditions are IMC. However, during the descent to your destination for an ILS approach, you encounter VMC weather conditions prior to reaching the initial approach fix. You know that to log the ILS approach toward instrument currency requirements,
A—the flight must remain on an IFR flight plan throughout the approach and landing.
B—the ILS approach can be credited only if you use a view-limiting device.
C—the ILS approach can be credited regardless of actual weather if you are issued an IFR clearance.

3. Which additional instrument experience is required for you to meet the recent flight experience requirements to act as pilot in command of an airplane under IFR?
Your present instrument experience within the preceding 6 calendar months is:
1. 3 hours with holding, intercepting and tracking courses in an approved airplane flight simulator.
2. two instrument approaches in an airplane.

A—Three hours of simulated or actual instrument flight time in a helicopter and two instrument approaches in an airplane or helicopter.
B—Three instrument approaches in an airplane.
C—Four instrument approaches in an airplane, or an approved airplane flight simulator or training device.

Answers will be posted Friday in the comments section.

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