CFI Brief: IMPORTANT Changes to EFAS (Flight Watch)

Earlier this year, all questions relating to Enroute Flight Advisory Service (EFAS) were removed from the knowledge test banks. In addition, the FAA announced that due to user preferences and a shift towards automated services Flight Watch would be eliminated. This caused some immediate concern for those who rely on the services provided by Flight Watch to obtain the latest enroute weather and safety of flight information.  However rest assured, Flight Watch may be going away but the services provided are not.


Previously, you were able to contact a Flight Service professional by calling Flight Watch on 122.0 along with other high level discrete frequencies to obtain EFAS information. Beginning September 24th, 2015 (UPDATED*), these frequencies will be phased out. As to not cause an abrupt end, Lockheed Martin Flight Service (LMFS) will still monitor current EFAS frequencies and provide a RCO frequency to use in order to receive EFAS and related advisories during a 6-month transition period. All inflight services including EFAS will now be consolidated and available by contacting Flight Service common frequency on 122.2 and all Remote Communications Outlets (RCO) frequencies.


Contacting Flight Service puts you in contact with someone who has immediate access to the latest weather information, including “live” weather radar. You can normally expect to receive actual weather and thunderstorm activity along your proposed route. To assist Flight Service and other pilots, you are encouraged to report good as well as bad weather, and to confirm expected conditions as well as unexpected conditions. Beyond weather, Flight Service facilities offer updates to NOTAMs/TFRs, critical safety of flight information, flight planning services, and the ability to open/close flight plans. You can refer to Flight Service by the facility name and radio followed by your call sign.

Here is an example: “Seattle Radio, November One Two Three Four Alpha, over.”


The FAA is making this change as part of the Flight Service National Airspace Initiative (FSNI) additional information on FSNI and frequently asked questions can be found here:

By discontinuing Flight Watch, the Flight Service program is in part eliminating redundancies and underutilized services. This will allow for a more cost effective and efficient operation without jeopardizing safety of flight. As a pilot, this should simplify your life; you will now have the added benefits of obtaining access to all flight services, critical safety of flight information and even flight planning services with one call. In addition, Flight Service professionals are available on frequency 24 hours a day.

So remember, on September 24th, 2015 (UPDATED*) obtain all your inflight services on 122.2!

*On August 31st the FAA updated the proposed change date from October 1st to September 24th, 2015.


Contact 122.2

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