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CFI Brief: Aerodynamics Answers and Explanations

I hope everyone had a great weekend and got a chance to spend some time looking over Thursday’s questions, let’s see how you did. 1. When do the four forces that act on an airplane in equilibrium? A—During un-accelerated flight. B—When the aircraft is accelerating. C—When the aircraft is at rest on the ground. In […]

CFI Brief: Aerodynamics Questions

To control yaw! I know you have been anxiously awaiting the answer to last week’s teaser question, and there it is: answer A. The purpose of the rudder is to control yaw about the vertical axis of the aircraft. As promised here are a few more questions to test your knowledge of the information presented […]

CFI Brief: Aircraft Axes and Rotation

In the previous week, the Learn to Fly Blog has covered the four forces in flight. To recap, these are lift, weight, thrust, and drag. These forces are key in aircraft aerodynamics and will become extremely important throughout your flight training, particularly when learning how to control the aircraft. In addition to these in-flight forces, […]

Aerodynamics: The Four Forces Part 2

This is the second part of this two part series on the four forces of flight, where we’ll introduce thrust and drag. You can find our intro to lift and weight here. William Kershner‘s The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual by will explain thrust and drag: Thrust Thrust is furnished by a propeller or jet. The […]

Aerodynamics: The Four Forces Part 1

The four forces of flight make up the fundamental concept of flight. Lift, weight, thrust, and drag are the very first concepts students learn in ground school. In this post, we’ll give you an introduction to the first two: Lift and Weight. The Student Pilot’s Flight Manual by William Kershner explains this well:   Lift […]

CFI Brief: Medical Certificates Answers and Explanations

On Monday I posted two questions about medical certificates Let’s see how you did. 1. A Third-Class Medical Certificate was issued to a 19-year-old pilot on August 10, this year. To exercise the privileges of a Recreational or Private Pilot Certificate, the medical certificate will expire at midnight on A—August 10, 2 years later. B—August 31, […]

CFI Brief: Medical Certificates Questions

Prior to starting your flight training it is important to first determine if you meet the guidelines for issuance of an FAA Medical Certificate. Don’t let this process deter you, obtaining your FAA Medical is a fairly simple process and is much like going to your doctor for a physical. The main difference is that […]

Learn to Fly 4: Getting Started

If these last posts have convinced you that you would like to be a pilot, that’s great! Bob Gardner’s book, The Complete Private Pilot is a great place to start! Here is an excerpt from his book: So you want to be a pilot! You’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t already done […]

Learn to Fly 3: How much will it cost?

One of the most common worries among prospective pilots is whether it is affordable to learn to fly. Greg Brown and Laurel Lippert’s book You Can Fly! does a great job at explaining this: A range of factors will determine your total investment in flight training. First of all, flight school costs vary based on […]

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