Where can I fly Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) can fly into the same airspace and airports as standard category, general aviation (GA) aircraft. In addition, LSA can operate in many places that standard category (non-LSA) cannot. LSA’s higher performance and slower speeds allow them to fly into smaller fields with shorter takeoff and landing areas.

The higher power-to-weight ratio in modern light sport airplanes—plus the new weight-shift and powered parachute aircraft—opens up more places to safely takeoff and land. You can now literally live the dream of flying into and out of your own property, small fields, beaches and narrow dirt roads.

Where would you like to be flying your LSA? Let me know in the Comment section below.

About Paul

Paul Hamilton is recognized as an expert in the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) category. He is a pilot, flight instructor, aviation engineer, consultant, writer, video producer and business owner. Through his company, Adventure Productions, Paul specializes in teaching and informing people about flying (especially LSA) including students, pilots, instructors, mechanics, engineers and aerodynamicists.

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