Why fly a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)?

Light Sport Aircraft (LSA), including the fixed wing, conventional airplane style, are some of the most fun and simplest you can fly. Even though you can find faster flying airplanes elsewhere, there are significant reasons you would choose LSA over those others. Even within LSA, there is a wide range of aircraft that fit diverse lifestyles.

Visibility is practically uninhibited in LSA with open cockpit

Visibility is practically uninhibited in LSA with open cockpit

Better visibility. LSA are designed to have better visibility, whether you choose one that’s considered “low and slow” or meant for a cross-country adventure. The powered parachute, Trike and the open cockpit conventional style airplanes have the best visibility. Each of them has no cockpit enclosure that would inhibit your view of the scenery all around you. Even the high performance S-LSA airplanes have better visibility out the windows.

More landing options. Depending on the type of aircraft you choose, you can even land on the beach, a small field or a lake.

More affordable. Since LSA are less expensive to purchase and operate, it’s more affordable for most people to own their own aircraft.

About as fast as Cessna 172. More and more, I am seeing the new high performance LSA airplanes replacing the old standard Cessna 172 used for transportation, because they fly about as fast and are less expensive to operate.

Visibility is greatly improved in the high performance airplane S-LSA

Visibility is greatly improved in the high performance airplane S-LSA

Although there will always be aircraft that fly higher and faster, from the single engine to the twin engine airplane, from the propeller to the jet, from the jet to the rocket. There is an increasing number of professional airline pilots—the ones who fly some of the fastest and farthest—who are transitioning to all types of slow and simple LSA. The reason, they say, is that LSA are simply more fun to fly.

Tell me why you are considering Light Sport Aircraft in the comments section below.

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