Announcing the Learn to Fly Blog from ASA

Welcome to the Learn to Fly Blog provided by ASA (Aviation Supplies and Academics, Inc).

I’m Dan Johnson, sort of the “blogmaster” around here. If you are thinking of learning to fly or already working on your pilot’s license, this site is for you. We’ll cover a multitude of topics around the subject of learning to fly, including …

  • Why learn to fly?
  • How do I begin the process of taking flying lessons?
  • How do I make the most of flight training?
  • Tips and suggestions that will help throughout the whole process.

Our featured bloggers are each highly respected aviators and ASA authors. This group of experts includes Greg Brown, Laurel Lippert, David Diamond and Paul Hamilton. Each of them are ready to share their knowledge with you here on the Learn to Fly Blog. For details on their background, check out the Authors page at anytime by clicking the Authors link at the top of any page in this site. In addition to our featured ASA authors, contributing bloggers will appear now and then.

Share your love

If you find the Learn to Fly Blog valuable, please share us with other aviators and enthusiasts by clicking the Share link at the bottom of each blog post. It will lead you to many ways of posting a link to us on your other sites, like Facebook and Google.

Getting your fix and participating

If you are like me, you’ll really find the RSS feed and email subscriptions helpful to keep up with the topic. (See the top of the right column.)

If you like to get involved and participate in this community, be sure to leave a comment about your thoughts and questions at the end of any blog post you wish.

Now, onward with the blog.

Have a good one and keep aiming for the skies.


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